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Athiya Surf Co.

The brand that is named from “Athit & Ya” or “the sun & a girl“. The story is about the sun who is a source of power, a girl who presents tenderness and the sea who reveals all chapters in this story.

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Beach Boy Commu Surf Hat

From a spontaneous group of surfing folks, now they launch a surf hat designed for all surfers that come in a lighter weight, high-technology sun protection. Not just surfing, but  you would in love with it every time you step outside.

Designed For Surfers

Designed by surfers to be worn by surfers

Total Sun Protection

Hats that arm you with against the harshest elements

Easy Online Shopping

Less time online, more time for the waves

Planet Beach Boy

Helping to keep our oceans clean and healthy

Thanks for Surfing with Us

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